Nrep Logicenters invests in a substantial solar PV project in Denmark

februari 14, 2019

Logicenters, the largest owner and developer of modern logistics properties in the Nordic region, introduces their first solar PV project starting construction during spring 2019. The project involves installing five solar PV systems on five logistics properties in Denmark, and will be Logicenters largest environmental investment to date.

This spring, Logicenters will undertake a large solar PV project in Denmark. Logicenters won the Danish Energy Agency’s tender to install rooftop solar panels on five logistics facilities across Denmark. The project is Logicenters’ largest environmental investment to date and the first one in solar energy. The solar panels are estimated to produce 5.9 GWh of green energy per year resulting in an annual CO2 emission saving of 3 400 tons.

”We are very happy with the opportunity to strengthen the renewable profile of our properties. We are turning the roof areas of our properties into an economic resource and at the same time, this enables us to supply our tenants with green energy,” comments Johan Hallgren Madsen, responsible for Energy Performance at Nrep.

The installation of the solar PV systems begins in spring 2019 and is planned to be completed approximately two months later. The solar panels will be installed on properties that are located in Greve, Horsens, Høje Taastrup, Ishøj and Aarhus. In the foreseeable future, Logicenters hopes to carry out installations of rooftop solar PV systems on several of their facilities in the Nordic region.

“Green energy will be essential in the future for modern logistics, and this project enables us to help our customers reach their sustainability goals and to supply them with green power. Modern logistics is undergoing rapid green transition and electrification. Logicenters is keen to provide the infrastructure supporting our customers in their transition,” comments Matthias Kettelhoit, Commercial Head of Logicenters.

“Logicenters has an ambition to create sustainable real estate products and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The energy agenda in real estate is eminent and using Logicenters’ properties to produce renewable energy is a great way for us to strengthen our response to the threat of climate change,” comments Elisabeth Hermann Frederiksen, Head of Sustainability at Nrep.

Published: februari, 14 2019